Thank you to my valued customers who appreciate 
Uncompromising Quality and know the difference between
Genuine Cashmere and "So called Cashmere"
To keep prices as low as possible for my customers,
I have not raised prices in 4 years.  Rather I have absorbed the yearly price increases 
which I am no longer able to do.  Prices will rise by July 1, 2021. 
I will still offer the finest quality at prices still below what you would pay in a retail store,
if you could even find the same quality in today's marketplace. 


Women's Knitwear, Men's Knitwear, Women's Accessories, Men's Accessories, CLOSEOUTS
You and I are rare breeds in this modern world we live in. 
The majority pay lip service to proclaiming to "do the correct thing" and buy only "sustainable" and "fair trade" products. 
But when it comes to "walking the walk", they don't want to personally pay for what those words mean.
They do not care that labeling laws are so lax and that their cashmere item may have little or no cashmere in it or that it
may be mixed with yak or even rat hair.  They do not care that quality costs;
that their garment is most likely made by someone who does not earn a living wage, and may, in fact,
be made by a political prisoner is some foreign land.  All they want is "cheap" and that is what they are getting,
but at what cost to our world?
 ALL my products are the finest purest and highest quality natural fibers
ALL my products are genuinely made in Scotland, Italy and Spain
ALL my products are genuinely labeled
ALL my products are sustainable 
ALL my products are fairly traded
ALL my products are made by genuine craftspeople who make a genuine living wage

ALL my products will last for years with proper care so actually cost less in the long run than "cheap" cashmere


The majority of my collection is not mass produced; but is made to order for me. 
Quantities are limited for certain styles, so order early. 
Many styles can be custom ordered in over 30 colors. 
I am always available via email or phone to offer assistance and guidance.  You may also find answers to questions of Sizing, Cashmere Care and my core Philosophy under the tab MORE
For those who wish to learn about quality cashmere, please read The Naked Truth About Cashmere


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