With the recent record freezing temperatures...I would like to share with

you an email I received from one of my valued customers...

Just a note of thanks for all that you do to provide wonderful cashmere clothing for those of us who very much need it!!!


The past several days have been near zero temperatures with ice storms/snow and more to come.  I have a donkey rescue sanctuary and those furry sweeties much be cared for providing water and clean barns with fresh bedding.  In addition with these very low temperatures and treacherous ice, I had to chase and capture my 4 PeaHens (female PeaCocks) in order to keep their feet/claws from freezing/frostbite damage and put them into a special building built as a Veterinary Hospital . . . that took 3 hours in zero degree F temperatures.   I had on a cashmere turtle neck with a cashmere round neck over it and over that a cashmere cabled full zip up high neck and over that my coat with extra cashmere gloves inside my pockets.  I wore cashmere socks with a pair of the cashmere bedsocks over them and large rubber boots over that to protect my feet.  I had on cashmere gloves with work gloves over them.  I had 2 cashmere scarves wrapped around my neck and face and on my head I had one of the cashmere caps over which I had a cashmere headband and then over that another cashmere caps.  With this outfit of cashmere delight I was able to stay out in the elements for hours in order to care for all of the donkeys and ensure that the pea hens were put into a warm large building out of the ice storms.  When my hands got wet from the work gloves getting ice melting on them, I was able to reach into my pockets and bring out new pairs of cashmere gloves warm and dry and just keep going.


There have been many occasions similar to this where at almost 70 years of age, I have been able to stay in the elements very comfortably due to what you have dedicated your life doing for others like myself and very stylishly and beautifully so!


I send my warmest wishes to you, Kathleen.

Mary Ann Skillman

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They do not care that labeling laws are so lax and that their cashmere item may have little or no cashmere in it or that it may be mixed with yak or even rat hair.  They do not care that quality costs; that their garment is most likely made by someone who does not earn a living wage, and may, in fact,
be made by a political prisoner is some foreign land.  All they want is "cheap" and that is what they are getting but at what cost to our world?
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